Monday, October 03, 2011

Things I'll never say...

A/N: I discovered this draft from around February. I like discovering these things and seeing how much things have changed.

He loves me. He loves me not. Sigh.
 He loves me. He loves me not..

Daisies. Magic 8 balls. Eyelash wishes. Horoscopes. Why do we believe in all these things so much? This isn't meant to be a depressing post btw, just pondering. I don't know you yet and yes I have deleted all my previous posts in some strange identity crisis last year (initiated by the idea of creating a clean slate). So Hello. How are you? Im just your typical neurotic art student (illustration to be specific and no that doesn't necessarily mean cartoons.)

>Im currently working on the age old theory that if I don't think about it, finding someone...him, that eventually it will work the other way around. This is easier said than done. Especially when he rings you and texts you all the time and asks questions that no one else bothers to. I've ran away from him multiple times to try and erase him but no matter how I treat him he's still there waiting. But he has a girlfriend. If I was Jane Austen's Emma (as laughable as that is), he'd be Frank Churchill. or sadly if I was Harriet he'd be....eurgh Im not even going there.

> I'm home for the week from University for an "independent study week". I love home. I don't think its possible to fully appreciate it until you've left. Sad but true. I needed a break, it's been so intense. There is much more pressure to work things out for yourself and to cope.

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